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Institutional Set Up

Twilight Children is based in Hillbrow. We have three buildings built on five adjacent stands. The buildings were developed with the aid of The Department of Transport and Public works and provide the following facilities;

• Skills training centre for pottery, beads and sewing
• Information and Technology Centre and Gymnasium
• Boys residential shelter, library, dining room, kitchen and bakery

Programme Purpose

To develop and implement, a model for assisting children in need of care and protection, returning them to conventional family life. Also, to contribute towards the national process of social development and moral regeneration by developing good practice and mentorship.

Desired Outcomes

1. Children in need of care and protection are reunited with their families or supportive social networks
2. Children in need of care and protection acquire education, personal development and productive skills
3. Sexual behaviour – Namely HIV,AIDS and teen pregnancy prevention together with improved life skill development.
4. Substance, drug abuse and crime prevention
5. Twilight Children grows as an institution and becomes better at providing services to its target group

Current Programmes

• Shelter, aftercare and reunification Programme
• Skills Training: Pottery, Beads, baking and Sowing
• Education and Training
• I T Centre/Gymnasium and sporting activities
• HIV Aids Prevention
• Mentoring
• Girl drop-in community project
• Senior Bridging

The organisation operates a child and youth care centre providing accommodation up to 106 boys of between 8 and 18 years of age. Accommodation is provided on a full time basis and the boys are enrolled in local schools or at least in some form of developmental activity.

Staff is employed to manage, maintain the shelter, provide service and support to the boys. In addition an Aftercare programme provides support service to boys who are not resident in the shelter but none-the-less need our services.

The above highlighted programmes are designed to best assist us achieve desired outcomes.

Overall Strategy

The overall intention is for Twilight Children to serve as a bridging facility through which children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds can be mainstreamed back into society. Reuniting children with their families is thus the priority for staff at the Shelter and significant energy is devoted to this area of work. Providing education and training, life skills, particularly relating to sexual behaviour and exposure to the everyday world are also important activities. It is our intentions to be a temporary place of shelter and an effective facilitator of reunification and children’s development.

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