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Skills Training

Skills Training

The key objectives of this programme are to open the boys’ minds towards positive work ethic and skills development. The programme equips them with a basic skill that is a means of sustenance. It is intended that the lessons learnt are a ‘seed’ for focus and great growth. We intended to increase the number of projects to include other skills such as leather work.

Pottery Project

This is a very a popular programmes not only amongst the boys but the surrounding community as a whole. It is naturally intended for those with artist flair. Qualified trainers are on site to provide structured training. The products produced are retailed at a token fee to provide much needed financial assistance to the project.

Although the project has been going-on for a considerable period of time it is not yet self-sustaining. The programme is intended to be self-sustaining in the near future.

Bead and Sowing Projects

The popularity of the products produced in this programme is growing significantly. The Hillbrow community is heavily involved in the project. It is largely composed of ladies from the area. The products produced are sold to the general public and the income received is channelled back into the project and all involved are given a stipend for their sustenance. Despite the fact that there is very limited income derived from the project it is very popular in the community. In our point of view it is a way of giving to the community.


Our bakery project has faced significant challenges largely due to machine breakdown. The machinery is aging, we are in the process of repairing and upgrading with kind assistance from generous donors. When functional, we bake our own bread and cakes. This function also provides skill training for the boys with an interest in baking.

Vegetable Garden

Being located in the city centre, there is very little room for agriculture. However, despite this challenge we encourage our boys to be involved in the little project we have. We appreciate that agriculture can be a very important source of livelihood and as such we encourage them to look at this area as a potential means of living. Garden: we are learning to grow our own vegetables.

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